and welcome to my website.

My name is Richard Fath . I am a simple private citizen in the southwest of Germany.

Meanwhile, I've reached an age where you like to exchange memories with old friends.

Well, there are lots of services for this purpose in the Internet, FaceTube, YouSpace, MyBook, how ever they may be called, but in this country here, for copyright reasons they all, and the webspace software of my Internet provider, too, do not allow to upload sound files, even if the files do not contain any protected material but for example the sound of my own snoring.

So I decided to run myself a website, and here is the result.

Currently there are a story about my former punk-band "HTLV-III", photos and recordings from different phases of my musical activities and a video of my former blues rock band "Blast from the Past" to watch or listen to and download, see section "Music" in the navigation menu.

There is also information about my open source software projects, see section "Software" in the navigation menu.

More content will be added from time to time.